Brooklyn and Staten Island Rubbish Removal & Interior Demolition Company | BIC Registration #2107
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we recycle your junk
We recycle your junk

Two Locations

992 4th Ave
Brooklyn 11220

856 Richmond Rd
Staten Island 10314

Staten Island and Brooklyn Rubbish Removal and Interior Demolition Services

N&M Demolition knows that removing unwanted junk can be a burden. After inhabiting a home for more than a few years, things begin to pile up. Your busy with your job, your kids (or grandchildren), your life and a host of other items. Where can you find the time to get it all done? That is where we come in. Our insured crew will come to your home, apartment, business, restaurant or vacant lot and haul every last unwanted item away. We work quickly and efficiently and save you the time and trouble of trying to fit it into your busy schedule. Our service isn’t free but we offer some of the most competitive prices around AND we will give $25 off if you send us a picture of the job up front!

Do you own rental property? Have your tenants moved out and left you with a mess? No problem. Contact us now and we will clear it out and clean it up so you can begin the process of locating new tenants.

Has your home sustained fire damage? We will remove all debris and prepare for reconstruction.  We work with insurance companies. 

Do you have concrete to be removed? Our crew will remove your concrete and haul it away leaving you with a clean slate to start your project. See photos of our concrete demo and removal services.

Have you finally purchased that new living room, bedroom or kitchen appliance and are left wondering what to do with the old one? Call us – we will remove an entire house worth of furniture or a single item. Then you can truly enjoy your new stuff.

Have piles of junk in the attic, basement, garage or shed? Again, our crew is here to help. Our guys come in, clear it out and even leave it swept.

Do you own a vacant lot? Has the county served you with a warning to remove all the junk that was illegally dumped on your property? Again, we are your guys. Our team will remove all the rubbish and your stress.

Have you inherited the job of cleaning out a hoarding situation? Or, have you found yourself creating one? We will quietly and discreetly help you overcome the problem. Our crew is compassionate to these situation and we understand sometimes even the most inconsequential item can have significance to someone. Let us help.

Restaurant owners is it time for a new look? Let our guys come in and complete your interior demolition and haul the rubbish away. You will be left with a blank slate to design your new establishment.

No job is too big or too small for N&M demolition. We offer fair pricing for all rubbish removal, fast service and excellent references.