Brooklyn and Staten Island Rubbish Removal & Interior Demolition Company | BIC Registration #2107
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we recycle your junk
We recycle your junk

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Two Locations

992 4th Ave
Brooklyn 11220

856 Richmond Rd
Staten Island 10304

Frequently Asked Questions

Who hires N&M Demolition?
A variety of people call us to take care of their contracting needs, including:
Real Estate Agencies or Brokerage Firms
Home Improvement Contractors
Construction Project Managers
Public Adjusters
Insurance Restoration Companies
Elder Law Lawyers
Home Care Service
Home Attendant Service
Senior Centers
Store Front Leasers
Probate Personal Representatives
Estate Executors

What type of objects will N&M Demolition remove?

Appliances (washers, refrigerators, etc.)
Furniture (couches, mattresses, etc.)
Office (books, newspapers, shelving, etc.)
Outdoor structures (decks, pools, sheds, etc.)
Other miscellaneous objects/structures

What kinds of spaces does N&M Demolition service?
We can remove rubbish from anywhere, including:
Various residential rooms
Store fronts
Crawl spaces
Front yards
Entire buildings

Why should I hire N&M Demolition rather than renting a dumpster?
Renting a dumpster requires one flat fee, whether you use it a lot or a little. We simply charge you for the mass of the materials we clean up for you. Also, a dumpster is an eyesore, often used by others to deposit their garbage. When you hire us, we take care of everything for you, so you don't have to worry about the various hassles that occur when renting a dumpster.

Is N&M Demolition licensed, insured, and bonded?
Yes! N&M is fully licensed, insured and bonded with the Business Integrity Commission.

Can N&M Demolition obtain a permit for me?
Yes! We are able to obtain any necessary permits to complete your job weather its interior or exterior demolition or rubbish removal.

Do you recycle the materials when possible?
Yes! N&M Demolition takes pride in making our practices as environmentally friendly as possible. We do everything we can to make sure that all brush, debris, concrete, and other materials are deposited at the appropriate recycling facility. If the materials are usable, we donate them to local charities. Materials that cannot be donated or recycled are deposited at a dumping facility.

Are there objects that N&M Demolition will not move/dispose of?
Safety is our number one priority, so we will not remove toxic/hazardous materials, including some paint solvents, asbestos, medical waste, oils, oil drums, and various chemicals.

How does N&M Demolition estimate a price for the job?
If you are wondering how much your job will cost, give us a call. We are usually able to estimate a price over the phone. If your job is too big to estimate over the phone, we will schedule an appointment with you so that one of our experienced professionals can give you a free estimate at the job location. Generally, we charge based on volume. We have a wide variety of trucks, from small to large, that can accommodate the needs of any job.

How long will it take to get started on my project once I hire N&M Demolition?
We will schedule a date and time that is convenient for you. We pride ourselves on prompt arrival and quality work, so you can rest assured that we will show up at the scheduled time.

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